Welcome to the ESG area of the Custodian Property Income REIT plc website

The Board recognises that its decisions have an impact on the environment, people and communities.  It also believes there are positive financial reasons to incorporate good ESG practices into the way we do business.

The Board shares the increased stakeholder interest in, and recognises the importance of, compliance requirements around good ESG management.  It seeks to adopt sustainable principles wherever possible, actively seeking opportunities to make environmentally beneficial improvements to its property portfolio and encouraging tenants to report and improve emissions data.  As testament to this commitment, the Board recently constituted an ESG Committee to monitor the Company’s performance against its environmental key performance indicators (“KPIs”); ensure it complies with its environmental reporting requirements; assess the engagement with the Company’s environmental consultants; and assess the level of social outcomes being achieved for its stakeholders and the communities in which it operates.

The Company’s ESG policy outlines our approach to managing ESG impacts and provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental and social objectives to ensure we are continuously improving our performance and setting a leadership direction.

As a result, the Board is committed to:

  • Seek to minimise pollution and comply with all relevant environmental legislation;
  • Gather and analyse data on our environmental performance across our property portfolio; and
  • Monitor environmental performance and achievements against targets for our properties as a commitment to continuous improvement.

Hazel Adam – Chair of the ESG Committee